Know cockroaches

Cockroaches (also known as cockroaches), the body long oval, dorsal ventral flat, small head, omnivorous. Cockroaches like warm and humid environment, such as the furnace, hot water pipes nearby, and often hidden in cracks and crevices, more active in the evening

Common cockroach species in Hong Kong

  • German cockroach (anterior chest with two obvious black line)
  • Australian cockroach (chest and back with a clear yellow side)
  • American cockroach (front chest and back with light spots)

Cockroach hazards

Cockroaches adaptability is very high, whether indoors or outdoors, where food is likely to find its trace; cockroaches with germs, after the place will leave dirt, may cause disease, may also for some People with sensitive symptoms and disease

Basic control methods

  • Clear food sources
  • Eliminate hiding places, repair cracks and crevices
  • Keep the area clean